Is my car safe with your car transport facilities?

Yes, undoubtedly! We will provide you 3 to 4 quotes instantly from only verified packers and movers. You just need to fill a form with accurate details and you will get the best quote according to your requirement. You can also visit the shop of packers and movers to verify their service.

Do the packers and movers provide door to door service?
Yes, they will arrive at your house to pack all the items that have to be moved, and they will deliver them to your new house safely. The movers will also unpack your things after all the items are unloaded at the destination.
What all cost is included in the packers and movers charges?
The price list provided by the movers and packers company will include the cost of packing material, transport vehicle, labour charges, and taxes. If you avail of any additional services or insurance, those charges will also be added to the final bill.

Why does the pricing differ on weekends and month-ends?
Since many people prefer to shift during the weekends and month-end, packers and movers are fully booked during that time so they charge higher prices. However, weekdays and mid-month is a more relaxed time for moving companies so they charge minimal prices at that time.

Does Carbikemovers.in directly provide shifting services?
No, Carbikemovers.in does not provide direct shifting services as it is only an online portal through which you can find and get a recommendation of reliable packers and movers companies. Our partner packers and movers are experienced and capable of providing shifting services to perfection.

Are shifting services available 24*7?
Yes, they are, shifting can take place at any time of the day. Make sure that you select the best packers and movers who can ensure shifting at your desired day.

Could you explain the kind of containers used by you?
We use closed body containers of different sizes to suit your requirements.

Why do I need insurance if everything is packed properly?
Items can get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents or any natural disaster during the moving process.

What will be the normal value of the insurance coverage?
It depends upon the goods you are transporting and its actual value declared by you.

Why should I choose Carbikemovers.in for my bike shifting?
Carbikemovers.in always ensure that our customer gets highly affordable prices with the most reliable packers and movers in the city. Carbikemovers.in provides the best bike shifting services across all major cities.

What are the charges for bike shifting?
Bike shifting cost totally depends on the bike you want to shift and from which city you want to shift. The normal range for bike shifting starts from 2500 to 8000.

What will be my responsibility during shifting?
Nothing, just hire packers and movers through Carbikemovers.in. Our verified packers and movers will provide you a complete solution from door pick up to door delivery with proper packaging of your bike.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my vehicle for transport?
You have to ensure that your vehicle is fully operational at the time of shifting like tires, brakes, the engine is operational, there is some fuel in the car in case it needs to be driven, remove personal belongings, etc. Also, remove any loose objects and take note of any dents/damage on the vehicle.

Do Carbikemovers.in service is expensive?
It depends on the goods of the customers, if they wanted items like scooty, car or bike to get shifted from one place to another then the prices can vary. Although, the packers and movers charge affordable fees so that our customers can rely upon its services. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the high prices, because you can set your deal according to the requirement.

How much time do you take to process our requirements?
A maximum of 24 hours. However, in some cases depending on the type of requirement, it can stretch a little more.

What is a Pre-Move survey? Is it necessary?
A pre-move survey is conducted by the packers and movers so that they can analyze your requirements properly and provide you accurate shifting charges. Although not mandatory, It’s advisable to get the survey done so that you can discuss your moving needs in detail and get the best exact quote and hassle-free shifting.

How long will be the process of packing and loading of goods?
In a normal case, a single room takes around two and a half hours that could stretch to more due to some unforeseen contingencies.

What will be my responsibility during the whole process?
You need to segregate the items in advance, valuables like gold, cash, etc. should be taken care of, provide proper documents like transfer letter or joining letter, a copy of RC book for your vehicle moving and a copy of insurance coverage for the movable goods.

What are the items that cannot be loaded on to the vehicle?
Some possessions like pets, Liquids/ Oils, Inflammable items, Pots will not be allowed to be loaded on to the vehicle.